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The links provided on this website are for educational purposes only.

You will be in breach of international copyright laws if you download and maintain this material on your Hard Drive for longer than 24 hours. You only are allowed to keep this material if you own the original !!   I encourage you to examine the quality of the MP3 & WAV format and evaluate my mixes.. Having done that, you should:


(a) delete the files and

(b) go out and buy the original CD in order to further support your favourite artist(s). I take no responsibility if you download the files and use them, if your system crashes or something like that.


The files don't exist on my server. Therefore, I've no responsability.


This is the place where you can download some of  my Home Made Mixes.

The mixes are all created on just a PC using Adobe Audition (Cool Edit Pro for the early mixes)